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Our services for organizations of any kind and size

Management system consulting
Within the framework of an in-person or online consultation, we provide information on the role and benefits of each management system, outline the system introduction and certification process, answer questions that arise, and help solve any problems in relation to the introduction, certification or maintenance of your management system.

Management system introduction
We undertake the entire preparation and implementation of the management system(s) for the scope of activities of your organization. We prepare the structure of the necessary documented information so an effective management system can be maintained in order to continuously develop your organization.

Maintenance of your management system(s)
We constantly monitor the operation of your implemented management system(s) in order to meet the requirements of the relevant standard(s) and serve the strategic direction of your organization effectively. We ensure the development of the management system(s) and thus the organization. We also organize and conduct the necessary internal and external audits.

Internal and supply chain audits
With the help of our skilled lead auditors, we organize and conduct internal and supply chain audits. These audits may either review the compliance with the requirements of the relevant standard(s) or the organization's internal regulations, or can assess contractual requirements towards any external party.

Our services for certification bodies

Supporting independent certification activities
With multiple years of international experience we provide assistance and outsourced work for independent certification bodies in different roles and functions within their organization. These include e.g. certification reviewing and decision making functions and customer relationship tasks. We have all the necessary and required competency to fulfill these roles.

Independent auditor services
We provide independent auditor services with the help of our highly skilled lead auditors, who obtain a vast experience in their fields. These services are provided for both internal and external audits for any size of organization operating across diverse industrial sectors for the below standards. In case of any unique needs or requirements, we will find the best solution for you.

Management systems

We utilize the management systems based on the below standards to make your operations more effective and help your organization's continuous development

Quality management

The ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized standard that aims to develop a quality management system (QMS) within the organization where operating processes are regulated, supervised and continuously developed to improve efficiency and the effectiveness of the organization. ISO 9001 also provides a basis for many other important sector-specific standards.

Environmental management

The ISO 14001 is part of a family of standards related to environmental management systems (EMS), created to minimize the adverse effects of an organization's processes and activities on the environment, while ensuring compliance with legal requirements and other enviromental regulations.

Information security

The ISO/IEC 27001 International Standard defines requirements for the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous development of an information security management system (ISMS) for the activities of an organization. It also defines requirements for the assessment of information security risks related to the organization.

Privacy information Management

The ISO/IEC 27001 International Standard defines requirements for the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous development of a privacy information security management system (PIMS) focusing on personal identifiable information. In other words, the management system for the protection of personal data.

Occupational Health & Safety

ISO 45001 is the world's first International Standard for occupational health and safety. The aim of the new standard is to serve as a basis for occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS), which significantly reduces the risk of injury, accidents and work related illnesses at the organization.

Energy Management

The ISO 50001 is an International Standard for energy management systems (EnMS), which enables any size of organization to systematically optimize the energy performance of their operational processes and supports more efficient energy management. The introduction and maintenance of such a management system offers measurable cost savings.

Asset Management

The ISO 55001 sets requirements for the asset management system (AMS), which takes into account the organization's context and promotes proactive management of the life cycle of devices. This system helps managing the risks and costs related to the possession of assets, in a structured, efficient way that supports continuous development and continuous value creation. This international standard has been developed mainly to manage physical assets, but can also be applied to other types of asset groups.

Medical Devices Quality Management

The ISO 1348 standard sets requirements for a quality management system, which can be utilized by organizations involved in the lifecycle steps (e.g. design, development, manufacturing, storage, distribution, installation, maintenance, final dismantling and disposal) of medical devices. The system covers the planning, providing and improving of any related services. The standard requirements can be applied to suppliers or other external parties who provide products or services to these organizations.

Automotive Quality Management

The IATF 16494 standard, developed by the International Automotive Task Force and ISO, summarizes requirements of a quality management system relevant to a number of finished product manufacturers and their supplier network in the automotive sector.

Aerospace Quality Management

The AS 9100/9120 standards set requirements for quality management systems applicable to companies providing air transport services, or operating in space and defense industries. These standards include all requirements of ISO 9001, but they also contain additional sector specific requirements for the aerospace industry.

Allied Quality Assurance

NATO AQAP 2110/2120 standards include NATO quality assurance requirements for military equipment design, development and manufacturing, complementing the requirements of ISO 9001. The introduction and certification of AQAP systems is a prerequisite for the conclusion of all defense supplier contracts in all NATO Member States.

Other Systems

Thanks to our extensive system of relationships, we can also help introduce, maintain and certify other special management systems. These include food safety, IT service management, facility management, anti-corruption, business continuity management, etc.

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